At Adorybull's, we know that your pet is a member of the "family". We strive to take the utmost care and respect; we will treat them as our own. You will have piece of mind knowing while you are out of town that your pet is safe and sound and enjoying their "vacation" at "Camp Adorybull!!"

Your pet's Bordetella vaccination must be given a minimum 10 days prior to boarding at Adorybull's.

Canine Influenza vaccine is at your discretion for boarding. For more information you can go to the NC Department of Agriculture website: 

Prices are subject to change without notice.

A $50 Deposits is required for holiday boarding’s.  A 24-hour notice of cancellation from first day of boarding is needed.

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Please Note
1. Pets can be medicated at a cost of $5.00 per day. Please see details below.
2. Pets will be boarded indoors with outdoor play areas during the day, weather permitted
3. Your dogs special diet is recommended; please bring your pets regular food
4. Dogs will go out four times daily; weather permitting they will go out more with longer play times


We cannot accept your pet for boarding without proof of current vaccinations and negative fecal

*All dogs are required to have Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella vaccinations prior to boarding.
Your pet's Bordetella vaccination must be given a minimum of 10 days prior to boarding at Adorybull's.
*Cats are required to have Rabies, FVRCP (feline distemper) and Negative Feline Leukemia

Boarding Prices:
Size Charge per Day
1 - 20lbs. $28.00
21- 49lbs. $29.00
50 - 99lbs. $30.00
Over 100lbs. $35.00
Cats $20.00

Above prices are per pet, per day. Monthly rates for all pets staying over 30 days.

Your Boarding Rate provides two daily feedings and four 10-20 minute potty times in our private yards.

Service Charge per & day per pet
* Un-spayed/Un-neutered dogs $5.00
* Special Behavioral Problems $5.00
* Special Handling or Geriatric Pet $5.00
* Special Puppy Care $5.00
* Medications: $3.00 extra oral, eye or ear
* Dogs that can not be turned out with a group are $5.00 per day per dog or family.
* House food: $4.00 a day extra. (you are more than welcome to bring your dog’s food from home)