Dog and pet grooming and board; your pet is treated like it is our own pet.
Cat grooming and boarding; we treat your pet like it is our own pet.
Dog and pet boarding, we have over 6100 squre feet of outdoor play area.

Adorybull Groom & Board's Commitment

At Adorybull, we are committed to offering a specialized approach to each pet's situation (i.e. geriatric and behaviorally challenged pets.) Our Services will reflect what is best for your pet's individualized needs. PetAirapy is in use by our facility to help ensure the cleanest and healthiest environment for your pet. PetAirapy, a 24-hour air sanitizing system, protects your pets by killing over 99.9% of Bordetella bronchiseptica and other hazardous items from the air and surfaces.


Dog, cat, and pet grooming, bathing, and spa.

The state of the art bathing system combined with the walk in stainless steel tub helps reduce stress on your pet. Every groom includes a Hydro-Massage & Deep Coat Cleaning System, fluff dry, ear cleaning, nail trimming, pads shaved, cologne and bows or bandanas.

Indoor Boarding

Dog, cat, and pet boarding, we have large cages to accomidate your pet boarding requirements.

We offer professional cages that ensure your pets comfort and security. Our cages vary in size depending on the needs of your pet.

Outdoor play area

Dog, cat, and cat boarding, we have over 6100 square feet of outside play area for your pet.

We offer over 6,100 square feet of play area for your pet, pet to enjoy. We offer outdoor modular playground system for your pets enjoyment designed by


We offer dog, cat, and pet food, collars, over the counter medications, toys, and beds for your pet to enjoy

We offer American Made Products from:
Lupine collars and leashes
Nature specialties shampoos, conditioners, and after bath scent
Sam’s Yams
Elk antlers
Bizzy dog beds
And many other products

The Bathing Beauty™

At Adorybull we use The Bathing Beauty™ Power Bathing System! DOGS LOVE IT!!! The Hanvey Bathing Beauty™ is a professional, commercial grade, deep coat cleansing system. The Bathing Beauty™ is an amazing grooming product, that will get pet's coats cleaner than 10 fingers can. Dogs love the hydro-massage action that the system provides and will be more relaxed for their entire visit.

Premium Food

We carry holistic natural grain free food for your pet. Does your dog have allergies? Food can make the difference between a happy healthy pet and an pet that suffers with allergies. You eat healthy, it is important for your pet to eat also eat healthy. Talk to our experts to help pick the right food for your pets needs.

PetAirapy kills 99.9% of Bordetella and other harmful items in the air and from surfaces in the kennel.

A few months ago there was an outbreak of kennel cough in our area. Because your pet’s health is so important to us we purchased a medical grade air-purifying unit. PetAirapy uses UVC light technology to eliminate and kill allergens, bacteria and viruses such as kennel cough, canine influenza and all flu viruses, including the reduction of the H1N1 pathogens, before these infections contaminate the air. PetAirapy special filters also helps your pet while boarding by removing pollen, virus, smoke, dust, bacteria, mold, pet dander, and odors from the air. In an independent laboratory test PetAirapy removed over 99.9% of the items from the air and surfaces. You can read more about PetAirapy at